Installation of Small Vinyl Decals (Dry Method)


Caution:  The adhesive used on these decals is very strong and meant for permanent installation.  Once the decal has been applied, it cannot be removed without destroying the decal.

Please follow the installation instructions carefully.

Tools/Supplies needed:

1.    Tape Measure
2.    Masking Tape
3.    A stiff squeegee or straightedge


1.    Clean the surface thoroughly using Glass Cleaner to remove all traces of wax, grease, or dirt. (Tip: We recommend wiping down area with alcohol after cleaning).


1.    Place the decal in the desired position and hold it in place with masking tape placed on one edge of the decal as shown in (figure A).  The tape can be placed on any edge that is convenient.

Note:  Do not remove the backing paper or transfer paper at this point.

2.    When you are satisfied with the placement of the decal, fold it over completely using the masking tape as a hinge (Figure B).

3.    Carefully remove the exposed backing paper as shown in (Figure B).  Take care not to let the decal fold over on itself or touch any surfaces (A couple of fingerprints will not hurt the adhesion).

4.    Begin carefully laying the decal back down from the hinge side.  Use the squeegee to press the decal into place working from the center outward as shown in (Figure C).

5.    Once the decal has been applied, go over it several times with the squeegee to ensure it is completely pressed into place.

6.    Carefully remove the transfer paper, starting at one corner and working toward the opposite corner (Figure D).  If the decal starts to lift with the transfer paper, carefully press it back into place and go over it with the squeegee.  

Care and Maintenance:

1.    Although the decal is now permanent, it requires several days to completely set up.  Avoid scrubbing the area around the decal for at least 5 days.  Do Not use a pressure washer, automatic car wash, or wax during this time.  (After the decal has set up, it is safe to use automatic car washes, and wax).

2.    When washing the decal, Do Not use scrapers or scrubbing pads on the vinyl.

3.    Regular auto washing detergents should not harm the vinyl.  Do not use petroleum-based cleaners, such as kerosene, gasoline, or “Bug and Tar” removers.