Initial - Curlz MT - 3 piece set

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The height of the letters as shown is approximate, Because of the tails and extensions, some letters may be taller than the height shown. Click the "More details" tab to see the actual sizes for individual letters.

Actual Dimensions of each letter are shown below:

3.0" Letters:
A: 2.78"w x 3.0"h - B: 2.26"w x 3.14"h - C: 2.09"w x 3.0"h - D: 2.75"w x 3.0"h
E: 2.30"w x 3.0"h - F: 1.96"w x 3.0"h - G: 2.49"w x 3.76"h - H: 3.0"w x 3.89"h
I: 1.14"w x 3.0"h - J: 1.74"w x 3.09"h - K: 2.64"w x 3.06"h - L: 1.93"w x 3.0"h
M: 3.53"w x 3.0"h - N: 3.48"w x 3.0"h - O: 2.68"w x 3.0"h - P: 2.35"w x 3.42"h
Q: 3.12"w x 3.65"h - R: 2.50"w x 3.38"h - S: 1.70"w x 3.0"h - T: 2.34"w x 3.43"h
U: 2.29"w x 3.0"h - V: 3.06"w x 3.0"h - W: 3.85"w x 3.06"h - X: 2.68"w x 3.22"h
Y: 3.15"w x 3.18"h - Z: 2.16"w x 3.0"h

4.0" Letters
A: 3.70"w x 4.0"h - B: 3.01"w x 4.19"h - C: 2.78"w x 4.0"h - D: 3.66"w x 4.0"h
E: 3.06"w x 4.0"h - F: 2.55"w x 4.0"h - G: 3.31"w x 4.84"h - H: 4.0"w x 5.17"h
I: 1.35"w x 4.0"h - J: 2.33"w x 4.12"h - K: 3.52"w x 4.08"h - L: 2.58"w x 4.0"h
M: 4.66"w x 4.0"h - N: 4.63"w x 4.0"h - O: 3.58"w x 4.0"h - P: 3.13"w x 4.56"h
Q: 4.16"w x 4.86"h - R: 3.35"w x 4.51"h - S: 2.26"w x 4.0"h - T: 3.12"w x 4.57"h
U: 3.05"w x 4.0"h - V: 4.08"w x 4.0"h - W: 5.14"w x 4.08"h - X: 3.57"w x 4.30"h
Y: 4.20"w x 4.34"h - Z: 2.86"w x 4.0"h

5.0" Letters
A: 4.63"w x 5.0"h - B: 3.77"w x 5.24"h - C: 3.48"w x 5.0"h - D: 4.58"w x 5.0"h
E: 3.83"w x 5.0"h - F: 3.19"w x 5.0"h - G: 4.14"w x 6.05"h - H: 5.0"w x 6.47"h
I: 1.69"w x 5.0"h - J: 2.91"w x 5.15"h - K: 4.40"w x 5.10"h - L: 3.22"w x 5.0"h
M: 5.82"w x 5.0"h - N: 5.79"w x 5.0"h - O: 4.47"w x 5.0"h - P: 3.92"w x 5.70"h
Q: 5.21"w x 6.08"h - R: 4.19"w x 5.63"h - S: 2.83"w x 5.0"h - T: 3.90"w x 5.71"h
U: 3.82"w x 5.0"h - V: 5.10"w x 5.0"h - W: 6.42"w x 5.10"h - X: 4.47"w x 5.37"h
Y: 5.25"w x 5.30"h - Z: 3.60"w x 5.0"h