Round monogram- St2

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If you would like to preview your monogram decal before purchasing, please send us an Email with the letters in the proper order.  We will be happy to send you an image of the completed monogram.


Actual Dimensions of each letter are shown below:

3.0" Letters:
A: 2.78"w x 3.0"h - B: 2.26"w x 3.14"h - C: 2.09"w x 3.0"h - D: 2.75"w x 3.0"h
E: 2.30"w x 3.0"h - F: 1.96"w x 3.0"h - G: 2.49"w x 3.76"h - H: 3.0"w x 3.89"h
I: 1.14"w x 3.0"h - J: 1.74"w x 3.09"h - K: 2.64"w x 3.06"h - L: 1.93"w x 3.0"h
M: 3.53"w x 3.0"h - N: 3.48"w x 3.0"h - O: 2.68"w x 3.0"h - P: 2.35"w x 3.42"h
Q: 3.12"w x 3.65"h - R: 2.50"w x 3.38"h - S: 1.70"w x 3.0"h - T: 2.34"w x 3.43"h
U: 2.29"w x 3.0"h - V: 3.06"w x 3.0"h - W: 3.85"w x 3.06"h - X: 2.68"w x 3.22"h
Y: 3.15"w x 3.18"h - Z: 2.16"w x 3.0"h

4.0" Letters
A: 3.70"w x 4.0"h - B: 3.01"w x 4.19"h - C: 2.78"w x 4.0"h - D: 3.66"w x 4.0"h
E: 3.06"w x 4.0"h - F: 2.55"w x 4.0"h - G: 3.31"w x 4.84"h - H: 4.0"w x 5.17"h
I: 1.35"w x 4.0"h - J: 2.33"w x 4.12"h - K: 3.52"w x 4.08"h - L: 2.58"w x 4.0"h
M: 4.66"w x 4.0"h - N: 4.63"w x 4.0"h - O: 3.58"w x 4.0"h - P: 3.13"w x 4.56"h
Q: 4.16"w x 4.86"h - R: 3.35"w x 4.51"h - S: 2.26"w x 4.0"h - T: 3.12"w x 4.57"h
U: 3.05"w x 4.0"h - V: 4.08"w x 4.0"h - W: 5.14"w x 4.08"h - X: 3.57"w x 4.30"h
Y: 4.20"w x 4.34"h - Z: 2.86"w x 4.0"h

5.0" Letters
A: 4.63"w x 5.0"h - B: 3.77"w x 5.24"h - C: 3.48"w x 5.0"h - D: 4.58"w x 5.0"h
E: 3.83"w x 5.0"h - F: 3.19"w x 5.0"h - G: 4.14"w x 6.05"h - H: 5.0"w x 6.47"h
I: 1.69"w x 5.0"h - J: 2.91"w x 5.15"h - K: 4.40"w x 5.10"h - L: 3.22"w x 5.0"h
M: 5.82"w x 5.0"h - N: 5.79"w x 5.0"h - O: 4.47"w x 5.0"h - P: 3.92"w x 5.70"h
Q: 5.21"w x 6.08"h - R: 4.19"w x 5.63"h - S: 2.83"w x 5.0"h - T: 3.90"w x 5.71"h
U: 3.82"w x 5.0"h - V: 5.10"w x 5.0"h - W: 6.42"w x 5.10"h - X: 4.47"w x 5.37"h
Y: 5.25"w x 5.30"h - Z: 3.60"w x 5.0"h